Rebecca and one other designer attends
Complete a "needs analysis"

This is our favourite part. You’ll join us in the studio, and we’ll walk you through the inspiration package. Tears of joy are common. Maybe bring tissues.


Now that we all share the same vision for the space, we’ll solidify the selections and specifics that will bring the project to life. This includes millwork, flooring, plumbing, paint, electrical, HVAC, trim and built-ins – the works.


The first step is yours! Don’t be nervous, just reach out and say “hi”! We’re excited to meet you and will book an appointment to chat as soon as possible.


It’s our first date! We will review your project and find out if we’re a good match. If everyone’s excited, you’ll receive a follow-up email with a proposal for service.


Once everyone has signed off, the fun can really start! We’ll come over to perform site measurements, create concept sketches, gather inspiration pictures, and begin pulling hard samples together.



We’ll prepare pricing and gather quotes from vendors and sub-trades. Snooze, right?! Once everything is together, we will present it to you and hire our trades.

pricing and quotes 

From here, we will create our project timeline, put schedules in place, and get ready to roll.

Create timeline

Now it’s time to narrow in on pieces and details that reflect your personal style. We press play on all the key elements to get products moving and ensure we stay on schedule 🙂

Refinement and Procurement


Once we select the contractor, it’s time to put our plan into action. A designer will be at your side through every step of this process; think of them as your personal sidekick. They will take care of big stuff, little stuff and everything in between.

Project Management

While everything comes together, we will be there making sure timelines are met and keeping you up to date every step of the way. You might hear from us more than your family, but we promise we’re good company.

Completing construction


Mid-way through the construction process we’ll complete a furniture plan, including drapes and accessories. Furniture suggestions will be made, as well as fabrics and finishes. When you’re happy, and we’re happy, orders will be placed.

Furniture plan  

Like a field trip, but better. Your designer will create an itinerary, and we’ll spend some time together hand-picking pieces that suit your new space.

Additional Shopping

This is when we bring the inspiration package to life! We take care of all the details and we will be on-site for all deliveries and installs to ensure everything is perfect.

Furniture Placement/ installs

We’re detail obsessed. We’ll bring in a handy-person, or have team members on-site for all installs. When things are perfect, we’ll do a walk through together and wrap things up with a group hug.

Decor/ Picture hanging 


We will join you for the big “ta-da” moment and share in the excitement of seeing your finished space. With you, we will take inventory of any additional tweaks or changes to be made until everything is as it should be.

The Reveal

It’s not a goodbye, just a ‘see you later’! We will stay in touch with you to answer any questions and make sure you are loving everything.

follow up